Quality and Safety - Our Patient Charter

As a private patient, you have the right to choose your own doctor, and decide whether you will go to a public or private hospital. 

Your Treatment 

Information about your treatment should be clearly given by your doctor with an explanation of your diagnosis, treatment, any associated risks, the associated costs and other treatment options available. Except for in an emergency where it is not possible, they should obtain your consent prior to any treatment. 

Informed Financial Consent

Your doctor and other health service providers should provide you with information about the costs of your proposed treatment, including any likely out-of-pocket expenses, and obtain your agreement to the likely costs before proceeding with the treatment. 

Confidentiality and Access to Your Medical Records

Your personal details will be kept strictly confidential. However, there may be times when information about your needs to be provided to another health worker to assist in your care if this is required or authorised by law. You will need to sign a form to agree to your health insurer having access to certain information to allow payments to be made for your treatment. 

Treatment with Respect and Dignity

While in the day surgery unit you can expect to be treated with courtesy and have your ethnic, cultural and religious practices and beliefs respected. You should also be polite to your health care workers and other patients, treating them with courtesy and respect. 

Care and Support from Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

Nurses and allied health professionals provide vital care and support and are an important part of your treatment at The Central Surgery. Staff who attend to you should always identify themselves and you should feel confident to discuss and issues in relation to your treatment or hospital experience with your allocated health care workers. 

Comments or Complaints

If you are concerned about any aspect o your Day Surgery Treatment, you should initially raise this with the staff caring for you or the Day Surgery Unit. If you are not satisfied with the way The Central Surgery has dealt with your concerns, the Health Department is an independent organisation that dealt with complaints about health services and practitioners. If your query or complaint relates to private health insurance, you should first talk to your health insurer.

Provide Accurate Information

To help doctors/specialists and Day Surgery staff provide you with appropriate care, you will need to provide information such as family and medical history, allergies, physical or psychological conditions affecting you, any any other treatment you are receiving or medication you are taking (even if not prescribed by your doctor). 



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